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12:32pm on Friday, 5th March, 2010:

Back Online


The Internet connected itself to my computer again last night, so I can now answer all those emails I've been getting since it died overnight on Wednesday.

Well, maybe. Yesterday, I checked my email using a web browser from my office at the university. Instead of the usual page, I was presented with a swish new one, with a choice of three server-side programs to access my mail. I tried them out, used one to reply to an email or two, and then logged off.

When I tried to email using MS Outlook this morning, it didn't work. Apparently, my use of the new browser software made some magical, mystical changes on the server that rendered my usual method of downloading emails inert. It took me 40 minutes of reconfiguring and sending myself test emails before I figured out what was wrong (my account name had changed from rbartle to rbartle@mud.co.uk), whereupon it all worked again.

I'm not entirely sure that there still isn't something crazy going on, though, because instead of the usual 1,000+ spam emails I get a day there were only 300 for two days. I suspect there's some back end spam-zapping going on, but I can't see where (there's an option to turn it on, but it's disabled). Because of this, it may be that if you email me and I don't reply, it didn't even reach my PC. If that happens, try my university address; that also has an unwanted spam-zapping thing going on, but the chances are it's a different one...

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