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12:30pm on Saturday, 4th September, 2010:

Visby Close Up


I showed you a bunch of photos of Visby the last time I was there, so rather than repeat myself I thought I'd show you three I took with my mobile phone this time round, which benefit from a closer look.

Here's a picture of some swords you can buy, if not necessarily get back through customs:

They cost about £100 each, so I'd have expected them to be for people who were serious about swords; or, alternatively, for them to be bought by people with more money than sense. That one second from the top is adorned with this etching:

It says "Robin of Locksley", ie. Robin Hood, the legendary swordsman archer. The lettering looks to be in a Bauhaus-derived kind of font output by a computer, so perhaps it's just a shorthand for "your name here". Still seems a bit tacky for a sword, though...

Here are some women's clothes for sale outside a shop:

What sort of women?

Yes, it's merely a coincidence that the Swedish word for sprint begins with an unfortunate set of letters when read as if it were English, but still..

Finally, here's a mannequin enticing people to buy an Astro Boy T-shirt:

You can probably apprecite the scary, Joker-like look already, but I assure you it's worse close up:

That's the kind of jaw snakes have, which can be unhinged in order to swallow large prey. There was another mannequin just like it with purple hair.

Then it started to rain heavily so I actually went into some of the shops and bought some Stuff for my daughters. Or, as my younger daughter got to it first because the other is in Bristol, for my younger daughter.

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