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7:17am on Friday, 3rd September, 2010:

Good Crowd


My talk yesterday was in a hall that seated 80 people. Unfortunately, 120 turned up. This meant there were more people sitting on the floor than usually attend my lectures in total back at Essex. I was prepared to give the talk twice, but the organiser called it off on suspicion that my voice wouldn't hold out. This didn't stop us from going out to dinner immediately afterwards and talking for another four and a half hours, though...

The subject matter of my talk was Human Rights and Computer Games. It was supposed to be two hours, but eventually took two hours 20 minutes. It's not a subject it's easy to make light of, so the talk was quite boring' it also had to touch on a lot of areas, so it was bitty, too. Worse, it was filmed for broadcast by the Swedish equivalent of the BBC, so countless other people will be bored by it too. Oh well, at least they can fast-forward it, unlike the people trapped in the live studio audience...

It's bizarre that I can be invited to go all the way to Sweden to give a talk on computer games and human rights, yet my own univeristy — which has a Centre for Human Rights in its Law Department — doesn't care a jot.

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