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3:44pm on Thursday, 3rd June, 2010:

Always Read the Question Paper


I've finished marking CE217 now. 16 students showed up, and it took me 30 minutes to mark each paper. Yes, I did begin ridiculously early this morning...

Here's part of the rubric:

So, the way it works is that there are two sections, A and B. Section A has one question in six parts, of which you have to answer four parts. Section B has three questions, of which you have to answer two. Section A has the same weight as a whole as one section B question.

Put rather more simply, you do four questions from section A (worth a twelfth of the total each) and two from section B (worth a third of the total each).

Not hard, is it?

So why, then, did 5 of the 16 candidates answer more than 4 parts of section A? Some of them failed to complete section B because they wasted time answering two parts of section A that they didn't need to answer.

Always read the question paper!

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