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6:06pm on Wednesday, 3rd February, 2010:

Changing Tastes


As a brief alternative to my occasional series on famous women whom everyone but me thinks are beautiful, I thought I'd look back at women whom I used to think were beautiful when I was a lot younger to see if I still do. I don't mean "still do" in the sense of whether they've kept their looks (this isn't an objectification post); rather, I mean whether I think today that what they looked like when I thought they were beautiful is beautiful.

Er, well I know what I mean anyway.

So, I racked my brains and produced some faces that impressed my teenage eyes. I know, you may not have heard of many of them, but this isn't your blog...

The first one I thought of was Susan Penhaligon:

Hmm, yes, I think I can say that I agree with my teenage self there.

OK, how about Elizabeth Sladen?

Yes, I thought I was on fairly safe ground with that one.

Hmm, maybe Angela Douglas? I remember that my friends were surprised I liked her:

Nope, my friends were wrong.

To cut a long story short, I engaged in this exercise for as many subjects as sprang to mind — Judy Geeson, Sally Thomsett, Nerys Hughes, Rhapsody Angel, Nancy Kwan, Susannah York, Susan George, Cherry Gillespie, Deborah Harry, Alexandra Bastedo, Shakira Baksh plus many others — and gradually realised that I wasn't finding any discrepencies. Women whom I thought beautiful when I was in my teens are still, in my opinion, beautiful (well, based on what they looked like back then; obviously some of them don't look so good now, for example Sharon Tate).

I guess this means either that my opinion hasn't changed over 35 years, or the ones I used to think were beautful but don't now didn't answer the call to come to mind...

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