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1:43pm on Wednesday, 1st December, 2010:

Stuck in Traffic


I got stuck in traffic this morning on the way to Sainsbury's. It wasn't anything to do with the snow, it was to do with Sainsbury's. They opened a new store today that's big enough to hold the biggest ASDA and Tesco stores in Colchester put together. Unfortunately, the access road is big enough to hold one car moving slowly. Traffic was backed up a couple of hundred metres when I got there at about 10:30; when I left, it had backed up to the A12 and there were police helicopters flying around.

Inside, it sells much the same as the old Sainsbury's but there's more room between the shelves. It may be possible to get down an aisle when some shelf-stacker has decided to leave a trolleyload of things-to-be-stacked opposite where some other shelf-stacker has also decided to leave such a trolleyload. It may even be impossible for two people in mobility scooters to block the aisle by stopping and chatting with each other.

I was hoping they'd be handing out maps so I could redesign my shopping list so as to be able to find everything in the right order, but they weren't. However, they were giving out Quality Street chocolates, which are much tastier than maps, so I wasn't too miffed by it.

When I left, there was an ambulance there to pick up someone who had collapsed in the clothes section upstairs. Lucky they managed to fight their way through the traffic to get there, then.

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