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9:55am on Sunday, 1st August, 2010:

Talking Italian


Here are some more pics from our holidays in Italy, all featuring words...

This was on the windscreen of a mini we walked past:

It looks as if someone is telling Antonio something, but quite who is telling him what remains a mystery.

This restaurant is close to our hotel:

Judging by the number of people who seem to eat there, there isn't much call for even one pure vegetarian restaurant in Rome...

I took a picture of this in Tivoli, so I could get it translated when I got home:

Google's translation tool informs me that it means: "So baby do not believe anything that is not love"; I think it must be a lyric from a song or something. I was actually quite close to getting it on my own, except I had no idea what "quindi" or "sia" meant.

This is my elder daughter upon spotting some grafitti of a more cultural nature:

Yes, there are still more Rome pics to come when I get around to sorting them out...

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