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11:37am on Sunday, 31st May, 2009:

I'm Sure It's Delicious


The buffet at the Icebreaker Reception I was invited to in Reykjavik included this:

Yes, that is cheese dipped in chocolate.

No, I wasn't brave enough to try it.

The invitation was from Katrín Jakobsdottír, Iceland's Minister of Education, Science and Culture. She's 33, and has only been an MP for 2 years — she got the job on 1st February this year. Even in a country with a popularion of only 300,000, this is a very rapid rise; it shows the extent of Icelanders' fury with more experienced politicians following the collapse of their banking system earlier this year.

Here's a photograph of the minister that I took at a press conference:

I'd like to say I caught her at a bad moment, but she was pulling lots of "I am interested, really I am" faces the whole time, and this is actually fairly representative.

I do hope we get some new politicians in Britain following this expenses scandal, but there are still many tens of thousands of public school attendees to work through before we get to people who have a smaller Wikipedia entry than I do.

Still, it would be great if we were brave enough to try it.

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