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12:42pm on Tuesday, 29th December, 2009:



We watched a DVD on our swanky new TV yesterday: Knowing. Sadly, I wasn't knowing enough to invest my time in some other activity instead.

Oh, there are spoilers in this, so don't read on if you plan on watching the movie any time soon. It's quite capable of spoiling itself...

So: sometimes, movies have an intriguing premise and you don't know how they're going to resolve it. This was such a movie. It started off really well, it was nicely-paced, the actors were on form, and it was gearing up to be quite exciting.


Sometimes, movies have an intriguing premise and the screenwriters don't know how they're going to resolve it. This was such a movie.

OK, so they had these alien-like guys. This flagged to me early on that the intriguing premise was going to be solved by an appeal to Science Fiction; a bit of a cop-out, but tolerable. Movies which open with a conundrum that the screenwriter can't solve usually do end up this way; either that, or they appeal to the supernatural. Only rarely is the screenwriter so desperate for an explanation that they appeal to both the supernatural and to SF to resolve the plot. The last movie I saw where that happened was Indiana Jones and the Mountain that Turned out to be a Spaceship.

At least, it was until yesterday.

Even so, I could still have accepted with Knowing if it hadn't been for the ending. I'm sure that plenty of mid-range Christians will have found it uplifting, but personally I view the end of the world less rosily than this.

Girl predicts end of world. Girl is correct. World ends. The, er, end.


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