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9:29am on Tuesday, 29th September, 2009:

Powers of Recovery


My father-in-law had been harping on at me for a month or more to buy a hacksaw, so a week before I went off to Geneva/Crete I got one. Needless to say, within an hour of his starting to use it on our trees, he'd sawed his finger with it. It was the index finger of his left hand, straight through the fingerprint. Only the bone stopped him from sawing the end right off.

Today, he showed me it. You can barely see a mark. It's almost completely healed. This is an 86-year-old man, and he can regenerate his flesh like some kind of superhero. It's incredible. He's always cutting himself or catching his arm on thorns as he assaults our brambles, but he heals up amazingly fast. Yesterday, he tore one of his other fingers on some piece of wood or other, there was blood all over his hand, yet this morning it was impossible to tell which finger it was. It had just healed. It's incredible.

Meanwhile, my arm is still in a wretched state of bruising from the blood sample I gave on Friday:

Why can't I have a werewolf-like constitution, too?

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