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10:46am on Sunday, 29th March, 2009:

Advice for Would-Be Newspaper Letter-Writers


It's well over a year since I last had a letter published in a national newspaper, by entirely reasonable belief that QBlog is read by every person in the country having finally put paid to it. However, last week I cracked when I read The Observer's patronising explanation of what the dizzyingly complex statistical notion of "median" meant. I dashed off an email to The Observer, and today they published it.

If you want to see your name in print, while there are still newspapers around to do it, the advice I'd give is tell them off for something. They adore being told off, I suspect because well over half of their journalists were educated privately and have vestigal longings for it. Keep your letter short so they can use it as a filler, and voila!

Oh, and as a special bonus piece of advice, try not to hail from an organisation that has a name almost as long as the letter. I was lucky this time...

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