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2:36pm on Thursday, 29th January, 2009:

Buttoned Down


One of the shirst I got for Christmas had a bad button in it that shattered in my fingers when I tried to do it up — it was as if it were made of sugar or something. Anyway, last night I finally got around to replacing it. It was the second button from the bottom, so I took off the spare button and sewed it on in the right place.

However, this morning, when I put the shirt on, I discovered that I hadn't used the spare button, I'd used the bottom button. I'd basically just moved it up a slot. I now need to replace what was a perfectly acceptable bottom button with the spare button I should have used for the second-bottom button.

Fortunately, I remember making this kind of mistake when I was a teenager, otherwise I'd be worried about getting old.

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