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12:55pm on Tuesday, 28th July, 2009:

White Whiskers


A few months ago, I got a new electric razor. The old one developed an imperfection in the foil that left my face looking as if it had been savaged by a sharp-clawed kitten; I couldn't find a shop that sold replacement foils, so I replaced the whole razor. The new one is fine, except that it possesses a strange property: it doesn't cut white whiskers.

OK, so I don't actually have all that many white whiskers, but it that's not the point: those I do have, it won't cut. It will cut all the brown whiskers irrespective of their length or angle, but white ones are completely left alone. I think the foil must have some special coating that renders it impermeable to anything white.

As a result, even when I've had a shave it still feels as if I haven't had one. It doesn't look all that bad, because white hairs don't show up much, but it certainly feels like it if I touch my face. I have to have a wet shave every so often to get rid of the white whiskers, which works but undermines the purpose of having an electric razor somewhat.

Maybe there's a laser in there controlling the blades' decision of what to cut, and it can't detect white hairs so it never gives the order to terminate them.

Yes, that's probably it. There's no other possible explanation.

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