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6:38pm on Monday, 26th October, 2009:

Hacked Off


The Guardian's jobs web site got hacked on Friday and the particulars of half a million people were copied by the hackers. If it had been the government, rather than The Guardian, I dare say they would have been rather feisty in their reporting of the event. However, as it was they themselves who were hacked, they reported it as if it were a news story (even to the extent of saying that the third party which holds the data on the newspaper's behalf is "reportedly" Madgex).

However, they had a problem in that for this to look like just a regular news story, they had to put in a stylistic element — a break-out box with figures in it. The figures are not good here: the CVs of some half a million people could be in the hands of crooks. So how do you spin half a million so it doesn't look all that bad?

This is what The Guardian did:


Well, hopefully some other newspaper will take up the challenge and report:


 The number, in two thousandths, of users of the Guardian Jobs site who may have had their personal data compromised.

Honestly, the way people keep losing our data, I'm gradually coming to the conclusion that today's kids are right, and you may as well put every last detail about your life on Facebook because hey, your friends like it and the criminals are going to find it out anyway...

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