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4:18pm on Saturday, 26th September, 2009:

Wrong Place


Why do people move things about in supermarkets?

I was getting some blackberry and apple yoghurt today, reached into the tray marked "blackberry and apple" and retrieved a blueberry yoghurt. It was not easy access: someone had pulled out the blackberry and apple tray and deliberately put a blueberry yoghurt in it.

Likewise, when I was buying the blueberry and cranberry juice my wife likes, the one carton I pulled from the tray was a raspberry and cranberry. All the rest were what they were supposed to be, but someone had gone to the trouble of putting a raspberry and cranberry carton in among the blueberry and cranberry cartons. Why? Why would someone do that? Is it supposed to be some kind of performance art?

If it had only been two things, I wouldn't have blogged about it. However, when I got home I discovered that the 4-pack of peeled plum tomato tins I thought I'd bought was a 4-pack of chopped plum tomato tins. Augh!

Oh well.

I'm not entirely glum, because later on I saw a pack of 5 bluebell bulbs for sale at £2.98. We have close to a hundred bluebells growing in our garden, so now I know that if I'm ever desperately short of money I can dig them up and cash in.

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