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10:43pm on Sunday, 26th April, 2009:

Where I Work #7


Continuing the occasional series...

The shelf below the useless one with old software on it looks like this:

The trays on the left were given to me in my teens by my father, as they were being chucked out by the Gas Board where he worked. The top one contains:

The middle tray contains:

The bottom tray contains:

Underneath the trays are some hand-drawn maps of MUD2's The Land. There may be some other things in with them, but I'd have to move too much out of the way to see what was there exactly...

The middle pile of stuff is equally assorted. From the top down, it consists of:

The pile on the right is where I put things that I want to keep for a while, but will eventually probably chuck out. It covers so wide a range that I can't really describe it without going through every document, but I do purge it every once in a while. The top thing is a domain registration confirmation; the next thing is a consent to publish an article; the next thing is a copy of a form I sent off to DiGRA, ... Some of it may actually be interesting, but that will have to wait for another post some day...

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