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3:47pm on Thursday, 26th March, 2009:



I finally bought a netbook:

Lugging my laptop around Magdeburg was the final straw: I don't need that amount of hardware to give a presentation, so why weigh myself down with it?

I've been planning for several months to get a netbook. I put it off, though, because they were too big and they only ran Linux (Open Office doesn't like my Powerpoint slides, sigh). Rather than getting smaller, though, they've started to grow, so I thought I'd better get one before they reached laptop size again. This one won't fit in my pocket (which was my ideal — we were promised pocket computers in the 1970s and I want one), but it sits comfortably on a sheet of A4 paper so it's not so bad:

My specification was that it must have wireless, bluetooth, XP, a hard drive of 100gb or more and a battery life of at least 5 hours. I just got the cheapest one that PC World did which matched this spec. Well, when I say "matched" I mean that the sales woman assured me it matched — it doesn't actually, as the battery life is more like 2 hours than 5...

The good news, though, is that not only will it run Powerpoint, but it will run my QBlog software, too!

So, stay at home, old laptop — it serves you right for not being able to run WoW any more.

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