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7:39pm on Tuesday, 21st July, 2009:

The Eye of the Beholder #4


Continuing the occasional series...

Uma Thurman:

Uma Thurman is a celebrated actress widely regarded as being beautiful.

No, can't see it.

She's certainly got unusual looks, but that doesn't mean she can't be beautiful with them — I'm OK with Bette Davies being called beautiful, for example. It's just with Uma ... no, sorry, I must be missing something.

OK, so she has that thing going on where her right eye is never as open as her left, and they're a little wider apart than usual, but still, that shouldn't be a barrier. Besides, it wasn't as obvious when she was younger in, say, Pulp Fiction, and I didn't think she was beautiful then, either. She's not ugly, of course, it's just I don't understand what would cause folk to would think she's beautiful.

Yet millions of people do.

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