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4:57pm on Wednesday, 20th May, 2009:

Cairo, 20 Years Ago


In 1989, my wife and I went on a cruise down the Nile. We were planning on starting a family, and thought we'd have one, last, big holiday before the practicalities of having children limited our options.

Here's a photograph my wife took in Cairo:

So, you know those little 3-wheeler glorified motorcycles that people in Italy use to move goods around through narrow streets and up Alps-grade mountains? That blue vehicle on the right is one of those, but with a much bigger box on the back than normal.

Here's a close-up of the door:

Yes, those are bars, and yes, that's a hand holding onto them. It's a police vehicle, transporting a prisoner somewhere.

Now given the relatively narrow wheelbase of this (I hesitate to use the word) van, it would probably be quite easy for the prisoner to overturn it by hurling himself (I'm assuming it was a man) against a side wall. It would overbalance and topple over without much problem.

I don't suppose he would, though, because that white car next to the van is an unmarked escort vehicle. Well, unmarked except for where machine-gun bullets have hit the door and not been fully patched up yet...

I really liked Egypt and the Egyptian people, and would eagerly go again given the chance. I'd make every effort to avoid breaking the law there, though!

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