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3:23pm on Monday, 20th April, 2009:

Not a British Airport


I'm at Las Vegas airport at the moment, awaiting my flight to Houston.

I haven't actually seen much of Las Vegas during my stay here, having been taken out for dinner every evening and spent all day at the conference (starting 8:30). I'm not complaining about this — I rate company higher than scenery, especially when I'm seeing someone I haven't seen for a decade (and who hasn't aged). It means I have more to see should I ever come back here (eg. to IMGDC next year).

As I'm at the airport, here are three things that are a little different from what you see in British airports:

Firstly, this might contravene a few of our regulations:

I wonder if there's any evidence of a link between this kind of sign and people getting actually shot? Could it be that services such as the one offered here have even more of an effect on gun deaths than, than, than computer games?

Here's the first thing that you see when you get off the plane and into the terminal:

I suspect this is rather more of a shock to the system for Americans than for British people, as at least we're used to seeing slot machines in everyday life. Several banks of them right next to the arrival/departure gates is still a little unusual though.

Finally, this is a shop they have:

$10, yes. If that's the case, how come the $20 of stuff I bought came to $21.55? In Britain, they'd have to put "Everything's $10*", with the additional line "* plus sales tax".

Yes, I did arrive at the airport stupidly early for my flight...

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