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12:14am on Monday, 20th April, 2009:



There are some more cheerleaders around today, some of them quite young.

I was interested to note that some of the teams were sponsored by local businessess. One lot, for example, had some surname plus a phone number plus "ROOFER" — basically a local roofing company had sponsored them.

What was interesting wasn't that the roofer guy had sponsored them, but that he'd actually gone through with having his name and phone number emblazoned on the girls' backs. Is that really going to get him any business? I'd have thought that sponsoring a cheerleading team was basically just giving them money for nothing.

Then, it occurred to me that maybe it's a kudos thing — a team with sponsorship, even if it's from the local roofer, nevertheless shows it's a cut above those that don't have sponsorship.

I'd have asked, but look sufficiently like a creepy middle-aged guy not to want to risk the consequences of doing so...

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