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11:48am on Wednesday, 19th August, 2009:

Waxwork Dummies


We picked up a number of brochures on our trip to Paris, and now I'm reunited with my scanner I can show you bits of one of them. It's for the Grevin waxwork museum. We didn't visit it, but judging by these photos it would have been a source of much hilarity:

On the evidence of the crown, I reckon this is supposed to be The Queen:

We think this is meant to be Elton John:

It could be Jim Carey, though, or Stephen Hawking, or someone famous in France but nowhere else...

The hair and moustache say Einstein:

The rest of the face and the outsize hand say confused old guy who thinks he's Einstein.

This bizarre apparition can only be Michael Jackson:

It's incredible how they can't even make a waxwork of a waxwork.

Finally, one that looks like its subject — Lara Croft:

It must make all the difference when the person they're making a waxwork of will actually pose for them.

This is Céline Dion, as she would look if she looked like that:

There were only two famous people who wore a bowler hat and a toothbrush moustache, and given that this one isn't fat it can't be Oliver Hardy. It must therefore be Charlie Chaplin:

I have a lurking suspicion that this is intended to be Kylie Minogue:

Ah, this is more like it! Jean-Paul Gaultier!

Well, his hair, his jumper and perhaps his smile, anyway.

Here's a double one. On the left it's probably a blond Vladimir Putin; on the right, Nicolas Sarkozy:

It's eerie how you can tell who it's supposed to be while at the same time realising they don't actually look like that.

At last we come to the final model, whom I'm sure you'll recognise immediately:

Yes, it can only be the Joker!

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