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3:42pm on Saturday, 15th August, 2009:

Some Statues


Paris has lots of statues. Unfortunately, the weirdest ones tend to be inside churches and museums so I don't get to photograph them, but here are some others...

This one is in the middle of where they wanted to put a trampoline park. That didn't stop them building the trampoline park, though:

Trampoline: just what you need for cleaning tramps.

Here's a statue doing some kind of kung fu kick:

This is a statue showing a tiger eating a crocodile:

The tiger has clearly won. I guess this explains why you never see tigers and crocodiles in the same region in the wild...

This statue on Notre Dame has balance problems:

Finally, here's a bird sitting on a statue's head:

This is what the same statue looks like from above as a consequence of having birds sit on its head:

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