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3:46pm on Sunday, 13th December, 2009:

Picturesque Pub


We went out for lunch today with my wife's brother and family, at a venue roughly mid-way between where we live: The Bell, a pub in Castle Hedingham.

As you can tell from the photos on the web site, it's quite a picturesque pub architecturally (the whole of the centre of Castle Hedingham village is like that, as it happens). Notice that it's not your normal pub, however, was first served by the fact that the bar staff were all female and all wore medieval-style outfits (bustiers, bustiers and more bustiers). It was confirmed by the presence of (copies of ) signed photos on the wall in the gents' toilets that showed various film and TV stars in provocative poses, including this one of Dawn French.

The main thing, though, was the paintings on the walls inside the pub.

OK, so there's this local art group at Earl's Colne that does paintings. The Bell Inn takes these, hangs them on its wall with a price tag, and sells them to visitors. This is a pretty good arrangement: the pub gets some oil paintings on its wall and the art group gets to sell its artwork. Except...

Except November was "Nude Month". As a result, there must have been 40 pictures of sleeping naked women on display. You couldn't look anywhere and not have a picture of a sleeping naked woman in the background. They were very reasonably priced if you want a picture of a sleeping naked woman, it's just not the kind of material I'm used to seeing while eating.

Still, the grub was good so I'm not complaining!

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