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10:07pm on Sunday, 13th September, 2009:

In Geneva


I'm now in Geneva. Look, here's the establishing shot they use in movies as proof:

My hotel is right next to the railway line. I can look out of my window and see platforms. There is a train that runs here directly from the airport and takes 6 minutes. It's free, too: I picked up a ticket from a special machine at the airport.

This may explain why the taxi driver was so surprised that I wanted him to take me to my hotel (at a cost of 50 Swiss Francs) rather than my simply taking the free train. The explanation, of course, is that I didn't know I was going to wind up right next to the station where the train went. I do now, though. I also have a free pass for public transport in Geneva while I'm here, which the hotel gave me.

So, tomorrow I'm going to try get to the European Broadcasting Union building (where EuroDIG is being held) by bus.

Wish me luck...

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