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5:43pm on Tuesday, 13th January, 2009:



I've mentioned before that my father's grandmother doesn't seem to appear in any official records, a trait that is shared by her two sisters, Rose and M (or Em?). If any one of the three were to show up in a Census with her parents, or to have a birth certificate in the Civil Registration Index, I could get back a block in my genealogy research that has been holding me up for over 5 years.

Well, today the 1911 Census was released online. I checked, and YES! A match! On the night of April 2nd, 1911, my great-grandmother's sisters were actually visiting her! Here's the important part:

So, M/Em is Emily. That's useful to know.

It would be more useful if there were an Emily Cooke, born in Gloucester, in any other Census from 1881 onwards whom I could definitely (or even tentatively) say was her, though...

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