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6:39pm on Thursday, 10th September, 2009:

Time is Money


I'm going to be away next week at two back-to-back conferences. First comes EuroDIG in Geneva, and then there's NIS'09 in Crete. I thought I'd better get some currency before I went, so I popped into the Post Office in Colchester to buy some.


The woman behind the desk turned out to be some kind of mad banknotes fan. She complained that if you sniff Swiss Franc notes for too long they can give you a headache, and harboured dark suspicions about the 20SF notes because she was never given any. She loves Australian Dollars, because they're made of plastic and if you scrumple them up and release them they will bounce back into shape. As she was explaining this, she got some out and screwed them up and they bounced back into shape, to her obvious delight. She didn't think much of Euros, in part I believe because she roots for the pound and the exchange rate is bad at the moment. She also expressed disappointment that people kept coming in and asking to buy currency as she'd spent a long time putting everything in classy plastic envelopes that she had to tear open when they wanted some, and that spoiled the look.

Now there's a woman who's very good at her job but has perhaps been doing it just slightly too long...

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