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11:34am on Wednesday, 10th June, 2009:

And on the Menu Tonight


You've got to hand it to Mrs Beeton: not only does she write books, but she bites rooks.

Here's another tasty recipe from the 1936 edition of her cookbook that used to belong to my grandmother:

There's so much about this that I like. For example, it requires the "remains" of a calf's head, as if you've already cooked a calf's head for some other purpose and have a bit left over. Also, it's a "calf's" head, because obviously who'd ever want to cook a cow's head? That would be much too big to fry in hot fat! Then there's the suggestion of what to do if a "more elaborate dish" is required: arrange strips of your fried calf's head on a circle of mashed potato with puréed asparagus in the middle. Well yes, that is more elaborate — but it's still fried calf's head.

Scrumptious though this recipe sounds, fortunately my grandmother never made fried calf's head for us when we visited. Or if she did, she called it beef...

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