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4:01pm on Friday, 10th April, 2009:



Dave Arneson died earlier this week.

Along with Gary Gygax, Dave is credited with inventing Dungeons & Dragons. I met him on three or four occasions at GenCon when it was in Milwaukee, and had several long conversations with him. He was a Real Nice Guy.

QBlog readers may recall that when Gary Gygax died just over a year ago, The Guardian published an obituary straight out of Wikipedia, over which I took them to task. I was therefore wondering what Dave Arneson's obituary would be like.

Well, they've asked me to write it.

Now although I could do a better job than some hack paraphrasing Wikipedia, there are other people who could do a far, far better job than me. In particular, the person who introduced me to Dave Arneson, Mike Stackpole, would be ideal. The Guardian's obituaries editor agrees, but I don't have Mike's email address to ask him (he's a famous author and doesn't publicise his email or he gets swamped with fan letters he feels obliged to answer individually).

So, if you know Mike's email, or you're Michael A. Stackpole yourself, please get in touch. Or, if you know more about Dave Arneson's life than I do and want to write his obituary, that also works.

Bah, the trouble with complaining is that sometimes people take your complaints on board...

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