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3:10pm on Sunday, 8th February, 2009:

Where I Work #3


Continuing the occasional series...

So, the main thing you can see here is a set of small, black drawers arranged in 3 wide by 2 high mini cabinets, of which there are several stacked on top of each other. Given that these are beneath the white boxes I've described before, you can probablyuse your powers of deduction to figure out what's inside: music cassette tapes. These contain the bulk of my collection, which I bought before CDs came out. I have several hundred all told, and they're kept here arranged in alphabetical order by composer. The white dust on them is just that — dust — although in real life it doesn't look anything like as bad as the picture makes out. Nevertheless, you can tell that I don't visit this collection all that often these days: when we got the new car in 2007 and it didn't come with a cassette player, that was the beginning of the end. I do occasionally get cassettes out when I want to listen to or find something particular, but I don't have the "oh, I haven't heard that in a while" motivation I had before. It would be nice if I could convert them all for my iPod, but I've found it to be a tedious job and the results aren't all that satisfactory anyway.

Behind the cassette cabinet you can see a yellow piece of card and a plastic bag. This is where I keep all the large pieces of card that I want to remain basically flat. I have it mainly for when I make the boards for games, but it does get used for other purposes (eg. when I want to make an 8½ by 11 inch cover for a screenplay). My kids sometimes used to ask for it, too, as teachers seem to think it's the most natural thing in the world for parents to keep stocks of A2 card around for making things with; this doesn't happen much these days, though.

To the right of the cassettes is a black box containing my Knights of the Dinner Table comics from issue 101 onwards. Beneath it is a box containing miscellaneous comics (mainly KoDT-related, though, eg. the Hackmaster of Evernight series). Beneath that, which you can't see here, is another black box containing KoDTs 1 to 100 plus my collection of issue '#4s and other spares.

On top of the black box is an assortment of mainly games stuff. There are: some extra volumes of the Hacklopedia of Beasts that I have over (a consequence of buying a grab bag from KenzerCo); some white envelopes for A4 paper, for which the self-seal gum has all but perished; the three core volumes of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition; a copy of Space 1889; the three core volumes of Aces & Eights; some KoDT Bundle of Trouble compilations; the paper aeroplane calendar you could see in the previous photo from this Where I Work series.

In the front are some plastic carrier bags so I can grab one if I need one. Some are "special" in some way, for example they can hold cake boxes or wrapping-paper tubes. You might also just be able to make out one of the two wallets that are underneath them, which were gifts from my dad and are awaiting the day when the wallet I've had for over a decade decides to disintegrate.

As for what the plastic bags are on top of, well, you'll find that out next time...

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