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5:22pm on Saturday, 7th March, 2009:

Discovering Details


I bought some compilation CDs last week, on the grounds that I'd rather pay 7p per track than 79p from iTunes. Listening to them was quite educational at times, when I realised I'd been mishearing lyrics for 20 years or whatever. Also, it's astonishing how many song form the 1970s ramble on for a minute or so before they get to the bit you actually recognise.

One of the recordings was a particular surprise to me, because I'd heard it a lot on TV advertisements but never actually heard it from the beginning. The ads always play the part which goes, "I got my hair, and my head, my brains, my ears, my eyes, my nose and my mouth. I got my smile", or something similar.

Yes, you know the one. What I didn't know about it until I found it on the compilation CD, though, is:

File under "you learn something every day".

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