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12:59pm on Saturday, 3rd October, 2009:

A Colchester Walk


When I was away in Switzerland/Greece, someone snuck up to our house in the dead of night and moved our front wall a few inches to the right. This caused my wife to scrape the car on it.

That's what she told me, anyway.

So, the car went in to be undented on Wednesday, and yesterday I went to the repair shop to pick it up. I had to walk, so I took some photos along the way. Here they are...

This is some kind of metal sign on top of a pole. It reads "magnetic north":

A bit further along is another one, reading "cloth":

I've no idea what either of these are for, but suspect it's for some kind of tourist reason.

Here's a shop sign:

Do signwriters charge extra for apostrophes or something?

Speaking of tourists, this mighty, raging torrent is Colchester's picturesque River Colne:

At this rate, they'll be growing cereal crops in it next year.

The way this is presented, it's the name of a house. There's nothing there to explain what it says, it just says it:

This is a brass plaque on a door:

Well I suppose forgery is a kind of financial service...

Finally, we get to the small industrial estate (oops, sorry, "business park") where the repair shop is. In fact, there are several repair shops here — maybe a dozen all told. This is the entrance to it, under the railway bridge:

Yes, that is a spectacularly narrow single-track road with unprotected concrete walls either side of it. It's so narrow, it is regularly struck by vehicles. Here's the sign next to it:

I wonder how many times people get their car repaired after a prang, then immediately scratch it driving it through the concrete tunnel? It happens quite a often, based on the marks on the wall:

Fortunately, I managed to get through without undoing the £260 worth of repairs I'd just had done, and got the car home safely.

Still, I'd like to know what kind of disturbed individual sneaks around moving people's garden walls in the middle of the night...

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