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5:30pm on Sunday, 1st November, 2009:

Staff Time


I found an email waiting for me from the university when I got back today. Well, I found like 30 of them, most of which were of no interest to me whatsoever or were telling me in menacing terms to do things I'd already done. One, however, was telling me to do something I hadn't already done. This is how it began:

Following on from the email earlier concerning the University's 2009-10 survey of academic staff time, I am writing now to ask for your participation for the week commencing 26th October 2009.

The academic staff time survey enatils my keeping a record of all the time I spend doing university-related work for the nominated week. Hmm, so that's just the kind of email it would have been useful to receive before the week for which I was supposed to record my time usage.

From such made-up exercises in petty bureaucracy, far-reaching government policy is made...

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