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11:14am on Sunday, 1st February, 2009:

Our Eurovision entry


I'm not a great fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber's work. There are a few of his songs that I like (I'd put I Don't Know How to Love Him on my iPod if it came my way), but most just don't appeal to me. They're often derivative, or forgettable, or conveying of emotions that I don't want conveyed to me, thank you very much. I realise that millions of people across the globe love his work, it's just I'm not among them. I was therefore rather apprehensive when I discovered he would be writing our Eurovision Song Contest entry this year.

Having finally heard it last night, though, on the TV show where we got to choose which act would be performing it, I have to say that he's done the business. If we don't win, it won't be because of the song — I think he's absolutely nailed it. The lyrics are a bit iffy (they sound as if they're saying it's my time to win the contest, which doesn't usually play well with Eurovision audiences), and I don't trust the singer not to sing some important notes flat (I much preferred the arrangement sung by The Twins), but you can't fault the melody. It even has the traditional Eurovision gratuitous key change.

So, that's a bottom 3 finish for us, then...

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