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8:44pm on Monday, 31st March, 2008:

Doom Impending


So here I am sitting in the departure lounge at gate G20 of the Lindburgh terminal, Minneapolis.

It's snowing heavily outside.

Several flights to Chicago have been cancelled already, but mine is apparently OK as it's coming in from California. It's due to take off at 4pm and to get into Chicago at 5:21pm. This is quite exciting, because my flight out of Chicago is at 6pm. I have to change terminals, pick up my boarding card and get through security during the 39 minutes between when my Minneapolis to Chicago flight lands and when my Chicago to Heathrow flight takes off.

In other words, I'm going to miss my connection.

Now as I know I'm going to miss it, the sensible thing to do would be to rebook my Chicago to Heathrow flight. However, it transpires that to do this I actually have to miss the flight. There's an automatic rebook facility, but it only works for flights you've already missed, not ones you're going to miss. In theory, I could probably go back through security and speak to someone at a ticketing desk, but that would entail returning through security (which took half an hour the first time) and being able to find a person at a ticketing desk (I only saw automatic check-in machines).

I suspect that resolving this problem in Chicago is going to cost me Money...

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