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8:20pm on Monday, 31st March, 2008:

Baker's Square


Although I was due to eat at an IHOP this morning (which, prior to yesterday, I thought was some kind of 1950s dance venue; apparently it stands for International House of Pancakes), there was a bit of snow around so we went to a Baker's Square instead. Naturally, I ordered the Eggs Benedict.

I retract my earlier statement that the eggs Bennedict in America are always good.

I think they maybe swapped the hollandaise sauce and the yolks of the eggs or something...

Oh, and our waitress wore a name badge reading "Peachy Pat" (at least I think it was Pat, I kinda stopped reading at Peachy). She was in her late 40s, I'd guess, and the last person I saw with hair in the two-ponytail style she wore it was a gnome in World of Warcraft.

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