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5:50pm on Tuesday, 29th July, 2008:



Some things I could have blogged separately, but hey, I'm lazy...

We have a summer house in our garden. It's basically a brick shed. Ever since they were little, my daughters have wanted to spend the night there. Yesterday, they finally did it. Somehow, the thunderstorm at 1:30am that woke up everyone in the house failed to rouse them.

According to the Daily Mirror, Countdown has only a million viewers. So, that's 90p per viewer for Carol Vorderman. The Mirror also quotes other well-paid celebrities who are lining up to condemn her pay cut (no conflict of interests there). As for why the Mirror is in support of Carol Vorderman, rather than condemning her as a parasite as one might perhaps expect from a traditionally working-class, left-leaning newspaper, well, who knows? I'm sure that the fact she hosts the Mirror-sponsored Pride of Britain awards is not a factor.

Oh, actor Tony Melody has died! He had relatives in Hornsea, my home town, and we'd occasionally see him there. A Google check of +"tony melody" +hornsea reveals zero entries, although presumably it'll return one once Google spiders this QBlog entry...

I was at a small conference in London today (which I'd agreed to attend several weeks before I was invited to speak at Develop, sigh). It had a number of eLearning companies and universities speaking and demonstrating; not enough for critical mass, but it's due to happen every couple of months so it'll grow. The venue was in a floor four room that was like a greenhouse, and I almost fell asleep twice. This almost-falling-asleep-during-afternoon-presentations thing is a problem I've had for decades — it started with a 4pm Tuesday lecture on numerical analysis I used to doze off in in 1979 — but of late it seems to be happening with more regularity. Either it's a sign of getting old, or I'm going to have a stroke...

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