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5:42pm on Sunday, 28th December, 2008:



Buoyed by stories in the news of massive price reductions in the post-Christmas sales, today we went out to see what we could buy with our money (while it's still worth something).

Huh, some sales those are! We were looking for some new electrical goods to replace our ageing current ones (specifically a dishwasher and a vacuum cleaner) plus maybe a home cinema system (because our speakers are 30 years old). There were no price reductions on any of those in the out-of-town stores. We could have probably got a TV the size of a ping pong table with £300 knocked off it, but that was about it.

Eventually, all we went home with was a new kettle. The old one had all kinds of glow-in-the-dark fanciness but didn't even last two years — it slopped water out all over whenever it was poured. Who knew kettles suffered from incontinence? Anyway, its replacement has a proper spout and does not draw power while it's sitting on its stand, so it got the job. Mind you, its exterior is metal, so I foresee some potential for burn injuries there...

We still have an electric kettle in our attic that we got as a wedding present from my grandmother, but its element is in contact with the water and it isn't cordless. Still, if our new one packs up, at least we have the old one to fall back on, assuming I could find it up there among the games, undergraduate notes, bits of old computer, old photo albums, books I don't want to throw away, jigsaw puzzles, flattened carboard boxes, stacks of newspapers, younger daughter's 18th birthday box, dead insects, rusty cutlery and a big hole where out Christmas decorations go.

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