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10:57pm on Thursday, 28th February, 2008:

Not What I'm Used To


I went to London this evening to spend a very agreeable two hours at the inaugural Virtual Worlds Europe Salon. The only minor annoyance was that alcoholic drinks were free but non-alcoholic drinks were £2.75 (fortunately, after the first one I realised I could get tap water for free, too); still, I'm used to this happening, so nothing unusual there.

However, I'm not used to something that happened later. I got on the train (the 9:30pm from Liverpool Street) with 10 minutes to go, and found a seat. It was quite crowded, and close to departure time there were no double seats left. A young woman — I'd guess she was aged about 20, and she was very pretty — came into the carriage and, looking around, realised she'd have to sit next to another person. There must have been 15 or so lone travellers in the carriage, and out of all of us she decided to sit next to me. Yes, that's right, she judged me as the safest person there, least likely to molest her. She even rated me higher than a female passenger who was sitting alone (although to be fair, that one was rather scary-looking).

I take this as yet another sign I'm getting old...

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