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4:27pm on Saturday, 27th September, 2008:



There's a local game convention in Ipswich called Ludicrus. It's so local that I hadn't heard about it until I bumped into one of the organisers, Kelvin Lawrance, at GenCon UK. He used to work at BT research labs in the Wireplay days, which is how I know him; he was one of the few people involved with their games who was actually a gamer.

It was quite a good convention — not as big as GenCon UK, but a lot friendlier — it deserves wider publicity. I went along to give a talk on the history of MMORPGs (which I come out of looking pretty good, heh heh), and although I was at first worried that I might get as few people sit in on it as attend my lectures, by the time I started there were about 20 in the audience. It's quite fun to be able to talk to gamers who have never heard of me, because it means I get judged on what I say rather than the fact it's me saying it. It's good to be grounded like this every so often, so I can be sure I'm not talking complete claptrap.

I'll go again next year even if I'm not invited to give a talk — I might even sign up for a game or two.

Oh, and here's my name badge!

I like name badges with my name and VIP written on them.

(Hmm, maybe I wasn't as grounded as I thought I was?)

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