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12:47pm on Sunday, 27th April, 2008:

More Helpful


My new broadband connection is nice and fast, and on the whole I'm impressed. I'd be more impressed if it connected every time, mind you, and if it didn't exhibit the same disinclination to ftp 2k files that the old router had. Oh, and if it didn't slow when pulling down large files so the "time remaining" didn't keep hovering around 1 minute for 10 minutes, that would also be nice.

What would be absolutely splendid would be if I knew what vandalism the helpful software that came with it did to my PC.

Basically, I can connect to the Internet swimmingly well, but not to the rest of my house LAN. Other computers on the house LAN can still talk to each other (and to the Internet), but they can't use any of the printers attached to my computer (which is to say, all the printers on the network). So bad is the situation that my computer doesn't even recognise itself as being on the network. I've tried renaming the network and resetting it up, but all to no avail. I know it's not a hardware problem as I can still access the Internet over the LAN link to the new router.

BT's "helpful" software has clearly done something, but after 90 minutes of messing around trying to fix the problem I have yet to establish what...

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