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9:00am on Thursday, 27th March, 2008:



After several weeks of studiously rejecting QuickTime's requests to update itself, this morning I finally succumbed.

The main reasons I didn't accept QuickTime's new patch and of the previous dozen or so times it announced itself were: a) I'd only just got around to installing the previous patch; b) I only use QuickTime when some web site insists I do; c) it takes 15 minutes to download it over my creaking broadband connection; d) while I'm downloading it, my kids can't download the next episode of Skins or whatever it is they do that keeps the LAN light permanently flickering on my router..

Having just installed it, I now recall: d) it takes 7 minutes for the installer to perform the patch, which isn't a patch anyway, it's a complete reinstall; e) it wants you to reboot afterwards.

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