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2:03pm on Monday, 26th May, 2008:

200 Books


We had a book clear-out yesterday. I brought down several boxes of them from the attic, we took a lot off shelves, and we sorted through them. Some went back on shelves, some went back in the attaic, and some — four boxes, or about 200 books — we decided to get rid of. These ranges from computer manuals to childrens' books to SF to amusing books received as Christmas presents to Fantasy. Most were probably Fantasy, though, with series of 3, 4 or 5 volumes quite common, and some shared-world anthologies (Thieves' World, Liavek and Merovingian Nights) extending beyond. If I'd had a bar code scanner linked to a book database then perhaps I might have contemplated selling them on eBay, but instead we determined to give them away to charity.

Thus, we loaded up the car and went to our local Civic Amenity Site (they really ought to smarten it up — the place looks like a tip).

We've been there before, and it had a special place for books to go. It did this time, too, except it's now a different special place: a large skip with the word "books" written on it, and a home-made sign reading "cardboard and" hanging above.

I checked with one of the people working there, and he confirmed that yes, if we put any books in there, they'd be mushed to pulp.

Hmm, that's not quite what I had in mind for them...

So, we brought them all back home. They're waiting in the garage until I get around to taking them to Oxfam or somewhere.

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