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2:59pm on Tuesday, 24th June, 2008:

Heavy Reading


I received a letter in the post yesterday from the Halifax (or Halifax Bank of Scotland, as it's formally known). It was about a rights offer, offering us a 2 for 5 deal on the shares we own in the company at a price of 275p or share (an offer that would be a little more tempting if shares weren't trading at 274.50p I write this).

Anyway, here's what the letter advised us to do:

Here's the "enclosed Prospectus":

The AA battery at the top there is for scale. Basically, this document is 1cm thick, A4 in area, and it weighs 366g. I don't think I'll be reading one page of it, let alone all 192.

I sense a rip-off in progress...

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