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5:10pm on Saturday, 24th May, 2008:

Things to Blog About


I'll have to stop reading newspapers, they stop me from having to think up things to blog about.

Here are two things that caught my eye in today's Guardian.

Firstly, this is from a "100 beach holidays" feature in the Travel section:

Yes, that's eco-friendly — if you live in Mozambique. If you don't, well, you can look forward to being one of the tourists who visit an area that's "under serious threat from tourism".

The other eco-friendly holidays are in Grenada, Venezuela, Greece and Kenya. I'm sure getting there in a carbon-neutral fashion will be a breeze.

The other thing I noticed is scariest picture of the week:

Too much plastic surgery or too little? Or did the photographer just catch her at an unfortunate angle?

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