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10:05pm on Tuesday, 22nd July, 2008:



So, today I was in London at Virtual Policy'08, a conference which, were British businesses less stingy, would have been State of Play Europe. Fortunately, due mainly to help from BERR (formerly the Department of Trade and Industry) and the Virtual Policy Network's founder, Ren Reynolds (who put up his own money), it went ahead. I say "fortunately", because attendees did not merely include the usual business and education specialists, but there was a substantial contingent of civil servants from several key government departments on hand to hear what was said; if the conference had not gone ahead, the government would have remained that much more in the dark.

I was up last, in the 5pm-5:30pm slot. I was expecting everyone to have gone home, but apparently civil servants either work long hours or are too polite to walk out (maybe that's why they're called "civil", heh). My talk was entitled, "Richard Bartle in Conversation", however we never actually found anyone with whom I was to converse. I thus had to speak for 30 minutes unprepared and without notes to an audience of 150 people including virtual world experts and government officials.

Let's just say I'll be wearing a different pair of trousers tomorrow...

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