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5:16pm on Sunday, 22nd June, 2008:

Raining Work


It's the summer break. I don't have any teaching to do, so why am I inundated with work?

I keep getting sent things that I have to do "by next week" or "by the end of the month" or "by August 1st" or "as soon as possible". There are references to write, journal papers to review, consultancy documents to appraise, book chapters to look over, one-day conferences to attend... In addition, I have a book chapter to write, a report to write, a paper to write, and before I get to any of them something else crops up. Today, I spent 6 hours writing replies to forum postings about the Massively interview I did earlier in the year which has now been published to general misunderstanding and consequent dismay. Tomorrow, I'll try to finish off one of the "by the end of June" things I have to comment on, but I just know that I won't be able to because some nonsensical piece of university administration will fall on my lap from on high, or someone I promised 3 months ago I'd read their paper will choose that moment to send it (with a request to read it "whenever convenient, but before June 30th"), or my daughter will want me to take her to a party and then phone at half past midnight to say she's sleeping over (oh wait, no, that was yesterday/today). I'm also trying to do things with Metaplace, am having my arm twisted to play Puzzle Pirates, and trying multiple arcane settings for my router to see if I can persuade Age of Camelot to load.

I was thinking about this lack of free time while mowing the lawn this afternoon, my wife having decided that I did it on too high a cut last weekend. I'd rant some more about it, but now I have to go and do the strawberries ready for tea...

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