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9:34am on Tuesday, 21st October, 2008:

To Locate a Missing Object


Several weeks ago, my father-in-law was looking for his masonary trowel so he could repoint our garden wall. He couldn't find it.

We looked everywhere. We were pretty sure it had to be in the garage, but it wasn't anywhere we could see. He grumped and grumbled about it so much that eventually we had to do the one thing that would guarantee we'd find it: so it was that on Sunday, we bought him a brand new masonary trowel.

It worked. This morning, he took his brand new masonary trowel, went into the garage to the sack with the cement in that he was going to use to do the repointing, and there, deep inside it where no-one had looked, was his trowel.

If you've lost something and want it back, try this handy tip: get yourself a new one. Fate works that way.

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