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4:52pm on Thursday, 21st February, 2008:

What? What?! WHAT?!


My younger daughter is selecting which optional courses to study for her GCSEs. She gets to choose 6, of which she'll actually be able to do 4. The remainder are compulsory.

This is a tough decision, because there are lots of subjects she wants to do but there are only 4 slots.

Here's what's taking up one of the compulsory slots:

What utter MADNESS is this? If I wanted to send her to Sunday school, I'd send her to Sunday school!

I grabbed the headmistress, and she said they were forced to do it because their recent Ofsted inspection noticed they weren't teaching what is an integral part of the national curriculum.

What? Integral part? What? It's PLEASE BELIEVE IN MY IMAGINARY FRIEND, how can that be integral to anything?

Apparently, you can get your child out of these lessons on religious grounds, but not enough parents do this for your child to be able to use the released time to take another subject.

So my daughter is being told that all morality derives from A BIG PIXIE at the expense of being taught something vaguely supported by evidence, and the best that can be offered instead is sitting on her own in a room colouring in pictures of farm animals?

The school should send out simple forms to every parent of year 9 children, so all they have to do is sign on the dotted line and their child can get an education instead of THE VOICE IN MY HEAD TELLS ME TO BE GOOD.

Cultural studies, yes, I could have coped with cultural studies. Cultural studies could have taken in some ancient Greek and Roman myths, too, rather than just the narrow ones they plan on studying.

Teaching it as though it were true, though? I thought we'd got past that 130 years ago!

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