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1:30pm on Saturday, 20th September, 2008:

Out of Touch Old Guard


Ooh, I wasn't expecting this!

MMO web site Massively is a year old next month, and they're using this as an excuse to highlight some of the features they're most proud of. First up is a list their top 10 interviews. I was hopeful that their interview with me might have made it to the top 10, as it was a little controversial at the time, but when I moused over the links it looked as if it wasn't there. Ah, but wait! It was at the very end — I'd just scraped through! Yay!

Except, the list was in reverse order. Rather than being #10, it was actually #1.

Well that was certainly a surprise.

My advice to people if they want their interview to be #1 next year is to focus on the context. That way, you're going to say something inadvertantly which, when taken out of context by people who haven't read the actual quote, will lead to your being pilloried on quality blogs everywhere. You, too, can be "out of touch" and "old guard".

I wonder what an MMO would have to be like for the in-touch, new guard to say "I've already played <whatever>. It was called World of Warcraft." about it?

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